Pamela Starr
Job Title: CEO/Paralegal Extraordinaire
Employer: StarrParalegals, LLC
Years of Paralegal Experience: 20 many
Education/Degrees: BA – University of Texas at Austin; Paralegal Certificate – Southwestern Paralegal Institute, Houston; Post-Baccalaureate – University of Houston / Kennesaw State University; Master of Science of Law – Thomas Jefferson School of Law (2012)
Specialty Areas: Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights, Restructuring, UCC, CM/ECF Filing
Career Highlight: There have been several – all relatively recent. I was named as a 2011 Paralegal Superstar by ParalegalGateway; nominated as a 2011 Georgia Paralegal Superstar by the Georgia Association of Paralegals; and was the Spotlight featured professional in the December 2010 edition of Bankruptcy Professional (
Future Professional Goal: To help other paralegals realize their full potential whether in law firms or on their own.

Paralegal Practice Tip: Get to know the clerks of the courts in which you practice – they will make your life infinitely easier.

Favorite Way to Deal with Work-Related Stress: Step away; call a friend
Greatest Strength As a Legal Professional: Knowing when to ask for help …
Favorite Legal Software: Chrometa; use this code: UTCYGP when you sign up
Favorite Social Media Site (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or a blog – and why): Each has its merits; Facebook to keep up with family, friends, and colleagues; LinkedIn for networking; Twitter and my blogs as a creative outlet; all of them as forms of marketing.
Fun Fact: I’m a left-handed, redheaded stepchild, who was born on Friday the 13th 
Last Book You Read: For fun? I’ve been in grad school all year; I honestly can’t recall the last thing that I read that wasn’t a textbook or the Bankruptcy Code …
Cat or Dog Person: Cats – Mr. Sulu and Lt. Uhura
Gorgeous, and they know it!
Recipe Your Family Begs You to Cook: Homemade challah
Gadget You Can’t Live Without: My laptop – it’s my office. I can’t be a virtual paralegal without access to the interwebs 😉
Favorite Quote: “…books are where you can experience the law, not in a synthesized computer.” ` Samuel T. Cogley, Attorney at Law (Star Trek The Original Series: “Court Martial”)
Paralegal/Legal Association Membership(s):
American Bar Association (“ABA”)
Atlanta Bar Association (“ABA”)
Delta Phi Epsilon Alumna (Chi Chapter – University of Texas at Austin)
Atlanta Scholars Kollel (“ASK”)
Professional Link(s):
@starrparalegals (Twitter)
pamela_starr (Skype)

Pamela has great lines included in her email signature, like “No trees were killed in the process of sending this message; however, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced,” and “What have you done today to reduce your carbon footprint?” I hope you’re following her blog, Sessions with a Starr, and I also hope you’ll consider doing a profile (see the quick and easy questionnaire form at the top of this blog) for Practical Paralegalism. Legal professionals all over the country, including attorneys, tell me the legal staffer profiles are one of their favorite weekly features.

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