You know the dress (or suit or jacket), the one that hangs in your closet, never worn, because it’s “for a special occasion,” the one that you spent a lot a little bit more money than you usually spend, that’s “too good for work.”

This is that dress for me, a Calvin Klein dress from Macy’s career wear department I’d normally never be able to afford, except that it was on sale, and the Guilford County Paralegal Association gave me a Macy’s gift card for presenting a session on ethics and today’s technology at their annual seminar. (Shout out to GPA! I would have done the session, even without a gift card!)

I saw it, loved it, twirled around the dressing room in it a ridiculous number of times, and then hung it in my closet. Without wearing it once. For four months.


Because I was saving it for a special occasion that matched its original price tag. But I didn’t get invited to a single wedding (thank you, Jaysus!), cocktail party (darn it), or any event at all that I thought merited this dress. I didn’t even get to go to court with anybody.

Then I started worrying I might die before I ever got to wear it. Which just seemed wrong. So I’m not saving it any more.

I’m probably being upstaged by The Corginator, right? Calvin Klein dress (Macy’s w/ gift card); Banana Republic cropped cardigan (on sale); Nine West heels (Ross); Necklace from boutique in Chapel Hill

When I say “necklace from a boutique in Chapel Hill,” that means I can’t remember the name of the great jewelry store right across the street from UNC-Chapel Hill, and am obsessing over whether I have early onset Alzheimer’s.

The rooster and I are about to perform a flamenco dance.

Stepping out of my usual conservative comfort zone with a floral pop of color.

Honestly, every day is a special occasion. Enjoy your clothes – no matter how much they cost.

Have you got an article of clothing in your closet that’s “too good” to wear to work – but really isn’t?

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