I’ve seen some of my fave career fashion bloggers, including The New Professional and Employed Panache, review jewelry from Jada’s Jewels. This new business is very cool, because each day an email with daily deals on different kinds of very reasonably priced and affordable jewelry appears in your inbox.

Of course, I’ve been blogging about career dressing for a while, but only worked up the courage to take actual pictures of myself on a regular basis in the last few weeks. I even got added to The Citizen Rosebud‘s “The +40 Blog Roll” yesterday; I encourage those of my readers of a certain age to check some of these bloggers out.

So far, I’m not flooded with fashion items to review myself, but I did want to review Jada’s Jewels before recommending that friends and family sign up. When I saw this multi-strand necklace called “Bubbling with Fun” with matching earrings for $16.75 (shipping is free), I bought it to jazz up my wardrobe and see what’s up!

Bottom line, I love the necklace and matching earrings. The matte finish is perfect for work, and the necklace is a nice weight, not too heavy, but definitely not so light that it feels cheap. I don’t even usually wear necklaces with v-neck tees, but this one is a great fit.

Necklace (Jada’s Jewels); Pencil skirt (Ross @$16); Tahari tee (Marshalls @$8); Sweater (Overstock, I think, oh, why can’t I remember?); Booties (Ross @$16); Tights (Walmart); Ring (Tuesday Morning)

This sweater is very versatile.

These booties are really, really comfortable, take it from a clumsy person.

I really adore this necklace.

It IS bubbling with fun!
No sweater, because seriously, 40+ women get overheated easily ;P

 This ring is just plain fun.

I’m pretty sure nobody’s knuckles look good close up.

Want to try Jada’s Jewels? Send your email address to lynne.devenny@gmail.com, and I’ll send you an invite, or go to http://www.jadasjewels.com/invitation/8345 to sign up (that’s probably easier!). Yes, I do get a little credit towards more jewelry if you make a purchase, but that means more reviews, and you guys know I don’t make money from blogging…yet 😀

**No services, compensation, or goods were received in exchange for this review.***

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