I’ve wanted a flowered cardigan for a while, but couldn’t find one under $30, not even in my fave local thrift stores. Imagine my surprise when I found one while shopping for groceries!

While snuggling up to this dress form, I was stuck by the longest straight pin I’ve ever seen in my life. George cardigan (Walmart $15); Express Design Studio slacks (thrifted $9 – fully lined!); Belt (Rugged Wearhouse $3); Booties (Ross @$14)

Part of the reason I started sharing some of my own daily wear is to show that dressing for work on a budget is do-able. I felt like I had to put my money where my mouth is – or at least where my inexpensive clothes are 🙂

Now we’re all friends. You can’t see the earrings, but they’re from a $5.38 three-pack of earrings from Walmart.

My black flower brooch blended into the cardigan pattern more than I thought it would (hmmm, possibly making me an idgit), but it’s awesome and came from JKW Jewelry (Etsy).

Bought anything from Walmart that you’re wearing to work?

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