I saw an Anthropologie skirt several months ago that I would have cheerfully given up my children to own (okay, they’re hormonal teenagers, but still, that’s a lot). I think it was this Peppering Skirt ($128), but if it wasn’t, it was one very similar to it. But my choice would have been to buy it or stay married. Not both.

I’ve lost some weight recently (not even trying – don’t hate me but I need to gain about 8 pounds), and have had to buy some smaller bottoms (a legit excuse to go thrifting every Saturday, no?). When I walked into a local thrift store, Very Truly Yours, last weekend, and almost everything was 50% off, and then I saw this on the size 4 rack, I knew that I had hit the Can’t-Afford-Anthropologie jackpot.

Skirt (thrifted $9); Elle Cardigan (Kohl’s clearance $10); Bow-tie blouse (Steinmart clearance @$7); Candies Mary Janes (Kohl’s clearance); Earrings (Burlington Coat Factory clearance @$3)

What’s your favorite thrifted piece of clothing for work?

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