You may think Forever 21 is only for your teens, but I’ve gotten some of my most beautiful jewelry for work there – for real cheap inexpensive prices 🙂  I took advantage of the 30% off all jewelry sale (ENDS TODAY!) and did a little Christmas shopping for three daughters and some friends (so I can’t show you pics of those great deals).

I also restrained myself from purchasing every owl necklace available – but I did pick up a few items for Mommy to take advantage of the free shipping and to jazz up those plain button-front shirts and dark sheath dresses I love:

Long Beaded Necklace ~ $4.76 on sale (Forever 21)
Spring Flower Stretchy Ring ~ $4.06 (Forever 21)
Teardrop Hook Earrings ~ $3.36 (Forever 21)

Then I finished my Christmas jewelry shopping, and added these black scalloped lace tights ($6.80, and yes, for work!)  and this Cowl Neck Pointelle Sweater on sale for $12.99.

At this rate, I’ll have my Christmas shopping finished by next weekend 😀

Hurry, the 30% off jewelry sale at Forever 21 ends today, with free shipping on orders of $50 or more!

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