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Paralegal Career Dressing: Hurry! 30% off on all Forever 21 Jewelry Sale Ends Today!

You may think Forever 21 is only for your teens, but I’ve gotten some of my most beautiful jewelry for work there – for real cheap inexpensive prices 🙂  I took advantage of the 30% off all jewelry sale (ENDS TODAY!) and did a little Christmas shopping for three daughters and some friends (so I can’t show you pics of those great deals).

I also restrained myself from purchasing every owl necklace available – but I did pick up a few items for Mommy to take advantage of the free shipping and to jazz up those plain button-front shirts and dark sheath dresses I love:

Long Beaded Necklace ~ $4.76 on sale (Forever 21)
Spring Flower Stretchy Ring ~ $4.06 (Forever 21)
Teardrop Hook Earrings ~ $3.36 (Forever 21)

Then I finished my Christmas jewelry shopping, and added these black scalloped lace tights ($6.80, and yes, for work!)  and this Cowl Neck Pointelle Sweater on sale for $12.99.

At this rate, I’ll have my Christmas shopping finished by next weekend 😀

Hurry, the 30% off jewelry sale at Forever 21 ends today, with free shipping on orders of $50 or more!

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