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Paralegal Career Dressing: Get Jiggy with Jeggings on the Weekend

Remember my post “Can You Get Jiggy with Jeggings at Work?” (if not, that’s the reason for the hyperlink). The answer is no, but I do have good news, you can get jiggy with jeggings on the weekend.

I like jeggings because they have elastic waists, stretchy fabric, and they look great with sweater dresses and boots. I personally think they are a comfortable weekend staple, and they do flatter many body types, if styled with the appropriate tops. I like to pair them with long sweaters or sweater dresses when the weather turns chilly.

Daisy Fuentes sweater with pockets! (Kohl’s); YMI jeggings (Rugged Wearhouse); Boots (Rack Room); Earrings f/ Bubbling with Fun set (Jada’s Jewels)

Yes, I do recycle! Yes, those are reading glasses on top of my head! They are the latest in hair accessories, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I let my hair dry naturally, and threw in a few corkscrew curls with a spiral curling iron. I still find it strange not to have long hair, but am beginning to love the crop.

What do you run around in on the weekends?

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