This post involves the 80s. If you laugh at peeps that rocked 80s fashion, stop reading now. If you remember the 80s fondly, then this post is for you.

I have a lot of costume jewelry acquired during college, when I partied in vintage dresses or dressed like Madonna, and also from intercepting several great aunts’ gifts of dress-up jewelry for my young daughter, after they cleaned out their own jewelry boxes. I figured a 6-year old wouldn’t notice if a few items were missing, so I screened all the jewelry the aunts sent our way, and yeah, I kept the good stuff.

Around 2005, my daughter was in undergraduate school and planning to attend an 80s party. She asked if she could borrow some of my costume jewelry, and I just let her have at it. I don’t even think I looked at what she borrowed.

But last weekend when I visited her at graduate school, I did remember she had borrowed an antique sweater clip for the party, so I asked her if I could have it back. I cannot describe my glee when she brought this back from her closet:

Great balls of fire! Not only my sweater clip, but antique brooches galore!

Not only did she return my long lost treasure, but she gave me the very cool denim jacket she got from the GoodWill.

Get ready to see more of this sweater clip and brooch. She kept the matching clip on earrings, but that’s okay. They hurt.
I can’t wait to rock this antique rhinestone pin.
I used to wear this on suits to court activities when I thought the other side was a snake in the grass 😮

 Do you have antique jewelry that you work into your career wardrobe?

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