“…there are lots of little ways to show appreciation during the year.” ~ Excerpt from “Veterans Day: Is it enough?” (JournalNow.com)

Danny Tyree’s terrific Veterans Day column (which I encourage you to read in full) reminds us there are so many ways we can appreciate what our veterans have done for our country throughout the year, including (but not limited to, it’s a legalese thing):

  • Celebrate our religious freedoms every day.
  • Stay informed with current events.
  • Register to vote – and then do it.
  • Use English correctly.
  • Learn flag etiquette.
  • Hold our government accountable for its military decisions.
  • Volunteer at a veterans hospital.
  • Donate time or money to organizations that help veterans.

We need to appreciate and thank our veterans much more often than November 11 each year.

Source:  JournalNow.com

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