Last week we celebrated Guy Fawkes day at a British co-worker’s home. We weren’t completely sure who Guy Fawkes was, but we found out he’s the last man to enter parliament with honest intentions, even if he was planning to blow it up. We had a great time with a bonfire, sparklers, good company, and good eats.

I was particularly taken with a delicious dip, so I tracked down the party guest who said it was his mama’s special recipe, and then gave me the three ingredients! Three ingredients! Woo hoo, I too can make this for all the holiday parties I am invited to. When I Googled the recipe ingredients online, I discovered this is actually a lot of mamas’ special recipe, and so chose this recipe link, with its great pictures, to share:

It’s so good, you can eat the whole pan by yourself.

The party guest said his mama says the mayo must be Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise, so I’m going to make sure I follow his advice.
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