I’m taking some time off during the Thanksgiving break. Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to think ahead and use vacation time to take the whole week off, like some of my savvier co-workers and friends, but I decided to lay low on the extracurricular paralegal activities. Like many of you, I’m going to cook (yes, I can, but I like to eat better), enjoy family and friends, and take a little mental break. After Thanksgiving, I’ll be back with more terrific weekly legal professional profiles, including from paralegal students, guest posts, and random ramblings from the wonderful world of legal staffers.

But I do want to take this time to thank you, whether you’re a new reader, an occasional reader, or a regular reader for making the last three years as a paralegal blogger a pretty awesome experience. I’ve gotten to know many of you virtually, and even met some of you face-to-face. Blogging has expanded my professional world in wonderful ways that I never anticipated.

I very much appreciate your post comments, your emails, your snail mail, and your feedback when you see me in person or talk to me on the phone. For those of you that have contributed a guest post, a recipe, a photo, a professional profile, a funny paralegal want ad, or a reader question, I am always grateful for your input.

You know, in reality, I’m usually a little stressed – but I’m also blessed as a longtime legal professional. I know I’m lucky to have a full-time job in this economy, and I feel very fortunate to work with intelligent and generous colleagues. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had this year to work on and learn new specialty areas. I’m very appreciative that Legal Talk Network continues to offer The Paralegal Voice monthly podcast, and that our audience continues to grow. As I near the end of my three-year appointment to the North Carolina Bar Association Paralegal Division Council, I am amazed at the opportunity I’ve had to work with such a hard-working and extraordinarily talented group of legal professionals.

So over this holiday weekend, I will be counting my many blessings, including Practical Paralegalism’s readers and contributors.

Thank you!

Peace & grace,

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