A legal secretary’s admitted theft of over £400,000 ($618,285 USD) will not only result in prison time for her, but has also cost approximately 36 co-workers their jobs and sunk the East Sussex law firm where she worked.

The Daily Mail reported that Leanne Harris pled guilty to seven counts of fraud and theft, after writing multiple checks from at least two client accounts from 2008 through 2010. The actual term used by The Daily Mail is plunder. A synonym of plunder is sack, which is apparently what happened to most of the law firm’s members after the funds disappeared.

Ms. Harris’s defense counsel said the thefts started with her family’s “financial strife” and a small check to pay bills, “[b]ut of course that became a spiral effect and smaller amounts turned to much larger amounts.”

Spiral effect? No kidding. Now the clients she stole from and her former co-workers are facing financial strife, too.

The Daily Mirror also noted that Ms. Harris carried a Karen Miller handbag to court. Those puppies cost at least $250 on sale

Squeeze Lock Tote on sale. Gorgeous bag but apt name.

Sentencing is pending completion of psychiatric evaluations, and Ms. Harris has repaid approximately £250,000, but it’s likely that the spiral effect of her crimes will be felt by her family, friends, and former colleagues for years to come.

Source:  Daily Mail 

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