I’ve had several people ask where I got the wide bangle watch I usually wear in my career dressing photos. I have the wrists of a puny second grader, so watch-shopping is a horrible challenge for me, and I hate it. (Why I don’t just replace the batteries when my watches die is an issue for another post on my possibly future anonymous blog called Big Ol’ Basket O’ Dead Watches.)

Why do I even need a watch with a smart phone and 24/7 computer access? I dunno. I’m just a paralegal of a certain age, and wearing a watch makes me feel more secure.

I bought my current bangle watch from the local Steinmart, which had a huge selection of beautiful bangle watches priced in the $14.99 – $19.99 range. I  could only find one similarly priced bangle watch in Steinmart’s online store, so I suggest shopping in person if you can.

Geneva Interlocking Loops Bangle Watch $14.99 (Steinmart)

I’ll admit the large numerals are a huge plus for me 🙂

Do you still wear a watch every day, or has your mobile technology replaced it?

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