Thinking up blog post titles every day is hard, as you can see.

The last time out with this skirt, I put a bow on it. This time the bow is on the lamp post. (No creepy comments, please).

This unintended weight loss thing is making getting dressed for work extra challenging. Even my shoes seem too big for my feet.

Intriguing Threads skirt (thrifted $9); It’s Our Time sweater (Marshalls I think); Wide belt (Steinmart);  Madden Girl Mary Janes (Kohl’s I think);  Tights (Walmart); Earrings (from Jada’s Jewels set)

I bought this black no-name belt this summer, and found it way more versatile, especially with dresses, than I expected.

Yep, it looks like rope in person, too.

I just realized the tops of the Mary Janes have a similar pattern to the belt, but I wish my feet were fatter, like they were when I bought them.

Again, if I tell you how many pairs of Mary Jane pumps I own, I’ll have to kill you.
You TMZ guys are a huge pain in the royal hiney.

Do you find yourself buying the same kinds of shoes repeatedly? (If so, um, how do you stop?)

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