That’s what I thought when I initially put on a plain black cardigan and monochrome necklace with this outfit.

Then it occurred to me I don’t have to be so bloody boring, although I would not wear this outfit to a court-related activity.

Forever 21 cardigan ($6 clearance); Loft ruffled tank (@$10 Loft outlet store); Kenar pencil skirt (@$16 Marshalls); Mossimo slouchy boots (Target $30); Coffee tights (@$4 Ross); Silver multi-chain necklace (@$6 Burlington Coat Factory); Blue bead necklace (@$3 Rugged Wearhouse)

Here’s my one and only piece of original fashion advice: Everybody needs at least one pair of bedroom shoes that can pass as real shoes in public. These boots are darned close.

I switched the skirt for skinny jeans with these boots after work, to go to a school concert.

Taking outfit pictures is hard, really hard. Especially when you are run indoors by the weather. The sun came out right as we started taking these pictures, causing my necklace – and my hair – to more or less light up like an artificial Christmas tree.

Lawsie, that’s gawdy. The blue necklace isn’t nearly that blue in person.

Do you ever find yourself in a boring outfit rut? How do you get out of it?

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