She wept and swore she wanted to turn her life around, but the judge wasn’t buying it, taking a been there and done that approach in the sentencing of a Missouri woman found guilty of felony theft charges.

I don’t blame him. The woman posed as a paralegal in order to steal money from a widower, who learned the hard way that you shouldn’t conduct business in parking lots.

That’s an expensive lesson, after losing $70,000 to the phony paralegal and a co-conspirator.

Buchanan County Circuit Judge Patrick Robb sentenced the defendant, Christy Nichols, to five years in prison, after taking into consideration her previous criminal career record, including five felony convictions. He put the kibosh on probation.

Nichols left the courtroom in tears and handcuffs. It’s a relief to know that there will be one less fake paralegal with sticky fingers terrorizing the streets, at least for a while.

Unfortunately, sneaky fake paralegals are still all over the news this week, allegedly entering the Miami Federal Detention Center under the pretense of conducting legal affairs with wealthy guests, but in reality engaging in much more steamy affairs.

Source:  News-Press Now

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