Call me insubordinate if you want to, but when one of my supervising attorneys asked me to call around and find out the latest evening (as in last) pick-up times for area FedEx drop boxes, I immediately went to the FedEx website to look up the information.

Then I pondered my current life philosophy, “There’s got to be an app for this,” and discovered that yes, indeed, there is a free FedEx app for iPhone and iPad, FedEx Mobile (as well as Android and Blackberry users). I downloaded it, and verified that I could get the information my boss needed via my iPhone – and she could get it via hers, too. Since this is information every legal professional will need sooner rather than later, I emailed the link to everyone in the office.

Especially the attorneys, in case they find themselves alone in the office on a dark and panicky evening, wondering when the last evening FedEx pick-up is in town.

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