One of the many reasons I blog for paralegals and legal professionals by any other name is to share information they may find helpful for professional development, or simply entertaining during a fast-paced week. Once a week (or less when Life happens) I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on law practice and technology, professionalism, career dressing, legal news, and hopefully, a good laugh or two.

I also share the daily minutia of a paralegal and working mom at Practical Paralegalism’s Facebook page and via my Twitter feed, @ExpertParalegal.

Here are this week’s links:

7 Things Every Virtual Assistant Should Know (Virtual Assistant Survival School) ~ If you’re a virtual paralegal – or have visions of being one dancing in your head – Tina Marie Hilton is the go-to person for great advice. Also check out Becoming A Freelance Paralegal: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Atlanta Paralegal Services).

Top 5 Most Influential Tech Tutorial Blogs (Help Desk Geek) ~ You know I just added some new tech blogs to my Google RSS Feed Reader. I cannot get enough of this stuff. (Hat Tip to Small City Law Firm Tech).

Now You’re REALLY Searching With Google! (Advocate’s Studio) ~ Save this how-to someplace (preferably in the cloud) where you can refer to it frequently.

How to Handle Emails You Receive that Are Intended for Someone Else (Lifehacker) ~ Even though this is not a legal blog, the advice is good. If you receive email not intended for your eyes in a legal setting, you should immediately advise your supervising attorney and ask for instructions.

Variation on a Theme (Ephemera) ~ Sheila rocks a great look for the office. She’s not the only one who loves her sweater 🙂

Defy the Skinny Tie Trend with Six Shirts Under $60 (Lawyerist) ~ For my male readers, career dressing posts aren’t just for the ladies.

Yellow Sheets, Take Two (Spilled Milk) ~ Law Momma had a rough year, but she finds a way to see a beautiful bright side in this post. I read her blog religiously; she feels like a friend even though I’ve never met her.

Makin’ It (at) Work: Librarian Chic (the Daily Muse) ~ I’m adding a pleated skirt to my wish list of career basics.

You Are Old if You Know What This Is (Futurelawyer) ~ Sigh. I am old. Bless your heart if you’re still using one. Seriously.

Shit My Students Write (Shrinkage) ~ Don’t let your ambition freeze. This is a terrific Tumblr blog that I introduced Dear Hubby, a college professor, to the other night. He laughed so hard and for so long I almost regretted showing it to him.

Practical Paralegalism’s Fave Fashion Blogger of the Week:  What I Wore 2Day, Last week sequins over a plaid shirt made an appearance. I’m pretty much in awe of every outfit every day.

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