I own three Fasheners, http://fasheners.com/, two pin and one magnetic, and I managed to use them all today, although not intentionally. It started when I noticed my skirt was too big and too long. So I folded the waistband over twice, and then had the brainstorm to pin the fold with Fasheners.Yep, it held all day.

Then I used my magnetic Fashener to keep my scarf casually looped – without tying it. The magnetic Fashener is incredibly strong, doesn’t damage delicate fabrics, and is great for scarf-styling. I have to admit my scarf-styling got better when I got to work and adjusted it a bit.

Yup, I should have ironed it and added a slip. I learn a lot from these pics. Anthropologie t-shirt (clearance – one of only two A. items I own); Liz Claiborne skirt (thrifted); Scarf (Walmart – $5); Etienne Aigner pumps (Ross); Anne Klein black patterned tights
Ruby slippers. I plan to wear them every day until I get my galoshes.
Scarf looks better but I still got the crazy eyes and reading glasses.

What’s your favorite emergency clothing fix? Staples? Tape? Safety Pins? Sewing kit in desk (go, you!)? Um, gum?

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