I’m lookin’ at 50 really, really closely, and never once in my almost half a century on this planet have I ever thought I needed galoshes. I mean, ugh, who needs a pair of waterproof rubber boots, when the world is full of cute shoes?

I do.

It seems like it has rained and rained and rained this year, and then rained some more. Sometimes my co-workers and I stare out of my big office windows overlooking the usually barely babbling brook, and watch the creek rising (remember this is the South). (We also watched groundhog babies in the spring, or maybe muskrat babies. There was some spirited debate as to whether they were cute rodents or city rats.)
I’m tired of wet feet. I don’t mind looking like my grandma in her Wellies anymore, because if anything, all these daily pictures have shown me, I look exactly like my grandma. The solid Irish one descended from potato farmers, not the delicately beautiful Scottish one.

So on my Christmas list of exactly two things, I have added a pair of galoshes:

Retro Birdie Rain Boots – $32.99 (Target)

This paralegal needs galoshes.

Do you own galoshes?

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