Emily Curtis

Paralegal Program: I am currently enrolled in a paralegal program with Everest University for my bachelor’s degree, and plan to test for my certification at OSU.  I work full time while going to school full time with two very lively little girls, so it is definitely a balancing act.  I am just beginning my second year and will be graduating in 2014. It seems like it is never going to end, but the first year has just flown by.

Academic Highlight: I was pretty excited to find that I made both the Dean’s and President’s list my first year.  I wasn’t sure what to expect my first year of school, especially as a paralegal.

Future Professional Goal: I want to get my certification and work in a family law firm. There’s something about the idea of helping children and families put the pieces of their lives back together that really appeals to me.

Paralegal Student Tip: I don’t have a lot of tips other than to read, read, read.  I knew nothing about law or being a paralegal before I was thrust into a legal situation with a less than helpful attorney/paralegal duo.  I began reading everything I could on the subject and found I could do most of the legwork myself to speed the process up a bit.  It was empowering and gave me the confidence to go back to school to get my paralegal degree.  Since then I read as much as I can and have learned more than I ever thought I would.
Favorite Way to Deal with Stress: Painting or working out, both effectively clear my head.

Greatest Strength As a Legal Professional: I think my greatest strength is going to be my writing.  I am beyond perfectionist when it comes to writing a paper, and I have received praise from several professors on legal documents I have turned in. I am definitely a Grammar Nazi.

Favorite Internet Resource: I like www.Findlaw.com – I find it to be a very effective starting point when looking up information. www.law.cornell.edu has been extremely useful as well. 
Favorite Social Media Sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Blogs.  I have met some amazing people that are willing to share their advice and experiences. It’s been more than helpful this past year.
Fun Fact: I am right and left brained, just not at the same time.  Going back to school and working on my paralegal degree has allowed me to use my writing, organization, and perfectionist skills, but when I am not doing that I love to be creative and chaotic.  Sewing, painting, and doing messy crafts with my girls are some of my happiest moments.

Last Book You Read: Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office – Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D.

Cat or Dog Person: Cat! Gracie is the newest edition to our family; she is the craziest, sweetest ball of fur ever. 

Yeah, you wish you looked like me.

Recipe Your Family Begs You to Cook: Mexican Stuffed Peppers. The Kids don’t like peppers and even they loved it.

One Gadget You Can’t Live Without: My iPad2.  It’s baby and I use it for everything. (Even reading Practical Paralegalism *wink)

Favorite Quote: “Justice, if it can be measured, must be measured by the experience the average citizen has with the police and the lower courts.” ~ Murphy

Practical Paralegalism knows many of its readers are paralegal students, and would love to include more of you in the weekly legal professional profiles. This is an opportunity to feature both your academic experience and your paralegal program. For more information, check out “Practical Paralegalism Welcomes Paralegal Student Profiles“.

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