I am really extremely shy, although most people don’t know that, because I can do outgoing personality for professional purposes (and also because it beats being paralyzed with fear). I also never liked having my picture taken, to the point I’ve likely alienated some well-intentioned friends and family over the years. But I felt like if I was going to continue to talk about career dressing for the legal world on a budget, that some style blogging was the logical next step.

I also wanted to see more style bloggers in their 40s, 50s, and older, because people of all ages have wonderful style and creativity. I’d love to see more people, including those that have been working for decades, styling work wear for conservative environments, like many law office and legal departments.

So that’s what I’m doing, and why I’m still struggling with the dread photo shoot. Right now, I’m starting to figure out a tripod and self-timer, and my first attempt ended up, well, not only at the wrong time of day but one-legged (but I think the shadow of the camera and tripod in the pic is kinda cool). This is definitely a Casual-Friday-my-big-boss-is-out-of-the-office outfit.

Anne Klein shirt (thrifted); Forever 21 jeans (rescued from Teens’ GoodWill pile); Heritage cardigan (Marshalls); Rhinestone brooch (flea market while in college); Pesaro Oxford heels (Rack Room); Sak Artist Circle Peace Tote (Ross)
This is my favorite purse I’ve ever bought in my life.
The back is even better than the front.

I didn’t pay anywhere near full price for the Sak, and it was so intensely admired last week, while I waited in a check out line, that I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t be mugged for it before leaving the store.

What’s the best purse you ever bought in your entire life – and do you still use it?

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