Slacks for conservative offices can be a little boring, but I like AB Studio’s brown slubbed wide-leg pants with coordinating sash for a little break from the routine uniform. The Kohl’s copy writer suggests adding a floral blouse, which is a great suggestion for relieving office work wear of the winter blahs.

AB Studio Slubbed Wide-Leg Pants ~ $28.80 (Kohl’s)

Kohl’s usually offers great weekly coupons, which could add to your savings.

With these versatile slacks I’m visualizing a beautiful long-sleeved floral blouse in purples, reds, blues, and/or golds, but couldn’t find one at Kohl’s. I did find this insanely gorgeous $750 Versace Mixed Print Balloon-Sleeve Blouse for inspiration the next time you’re in your local discount retail or thrift store. As far as my legal staffer salary goes, this blouse might as well be the Mona Lisa, but a girl can still look.

Versace Mixed Print Balloon-Sleeve Blouse (Neiman Marcus)

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