While I was in Cary, NC last week for business, I made a point to scout out a local consignment store, Classic Clothiers, that had good online reviews (no website that I could find). The store has been in business for over 20 years, and the staff was very helpful.

124 SW Maynard Road, #A, Cary, NC

I had a wonderful time, purchasing a Christmas present for a bestie, and an $8 sweater for me, inspired by Loft’s recent cable sweater offerings (that cost a lot more).

But what really impressed me was the nice selection of women’s business suits and slacks (there’s a consignment store for the guys right next door). For paralegals within driving distance, this is definitely a thrift store to check in with regularly. I’m picky about fabric, construction, and lining, but I saw several gray suits I would have loved if they had been in my size – all under $50.

I know my readers are legal-types and like proof, so here are some iPhone pics (the racks were close together and the lighting wasn’t great for photos, so please forgive the quality):

Tahari pants suit, size 4 ~ $38
Talbots pant suit, size 8 ~ $36
Liz Claiborne skirt suit, size 12 ~ $45
Calvin Klein pants suit, size 6 ~ $36 (The hanger doesn’t do it justice – it’s gorgeous.)

I tried on the Calvin Klein suit because it was so beautiful, and seriously considered buying it and having it altered, but decided to leave it for someone it actually fits.

Trying it on and wishing it worked!

Do you have any great consignment or thrift stores in your area that you frequent?

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