I love it when the T-Rex says, “I have little arms and a big head!” in Meet The Robinsons, because I can relate. Except I have long arms and little legs. Sometimes when I try on clothes in stores, I catch sight of a skinny little lady with wild fuzzy hair in the three-way mirror, and am so surprised to realize it’s me.

Which is why I like to wear dark wash trouser jeans with at least little heels to create the appearance of longer legs, but I was still limited to flats this morning due to my traitorous back. I also wanted to wear these jeans because they have a sash like the AB Studio trousers I posted earlier this week, but the sash turned out to be traitorous, too. It just wouldn’t stay put.

Kenar trouser jeans (Marshalls); Cloud Nine t-shirt (Marshalls); Loft cardigan (clearance); Mad Men pearls (Banana Republic); Sak 5th Avenue flats (Saks outlet)

I always have to have at least one “dressy” white t-shirt in my wardrobe. Do you have a go-to t-shirt for work in your closet?

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