Cute shoes, but should she be a paralegal?  

I know you guys can read the news for yourself. But those of you not making $8,500 per month working as a paralegal for your daddy’s law firm might not want to read this post.

I’m mainly bringing the Vegas Inc story, “Federal jury convicts ‘Bonnie and Clyde of mortgage fraud,’ to your attention to show that paralegal regulation could be a good thing.

For example, maybe there could be a law that says people charged with multiple counts of mortgage fraud that ultimately cost banks more than $24 million shouldn’t be allowed to work as paralegals pending resolution of the charges. Um, certainly not after being convicted.

Just sayin’.

Or a law that says people who are so criminally inclined they are the female part of  a swindling duo described as “the Bonnie and Clyde of mortgage fraud” shouldn’t be allowed to work as paralegals.

Even if it is for their daddy.

Just sayin’.  Canada may be on to something here.

SourceVegas Inc.

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