Daphne and her brother

Nobody likes to lose, right? Especially paralegals, because we’re kind of competitive and Type A to start with.

But Daphne Dortch, an Illinois paralegal and single mom, wants to lose the biggest prize of them all: enough weight to alleviate health problems and wear a bikini.

Diets in Review.com reported that a recent health crisis motivated her to join Biggest Loser 13:

Daphne realized her health was in jeopardy when she suddenly woke up one night to the sound of a “thud.”  She quickly realized the thud had come from her heart. It was racing at over 180 beats per minute. In the emergency room that night she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea. She was subsequently put on medication to control her heart issues and given a CPAP machine to use at night. She was also counseled about the tremendous difference it would make in her health if she lost weight.

Even though Daphne and her brother Adrian were eliminated before making it onto the ranch, they have a second chance to gain a spot on the show – if as a team they lose 50 pounds in a month.

Practical Paralegalism wishes both Daphne and her brother the best of success in reaching their health and weight goals. Daphne’s likely not the only paralegal who has resolved to adopt a healthier lifestyle in 2012. It would be great to see her back on the show, learning how to stay fit while overcoming the challenges of a desk-bound, snack-prone profession.

Sources:  Diets in Review.com; Reality TV World

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