I’ll confess my only goal when I got dressed on our first actual wintry day of the year last week, was to find the warmest pants I own. I even thought about wearing tights under them for an added layer, but then remembered that women of a certain age (my age) are prone to the equivalent of hormonal radiators over-heating.

Express Design Studio slacks (thrifted); Striped shirt (thrifted); Cardigan (Ross); Booties (Ross); Floral brooch (JKW Jewellery/Etsy)

You can see better pictures of the floral brooch in “Paralegal Career Dressing: Flower Brooches from JKW Jewellery“. They are perfect for conservative offices, and would also make great gifts.

Since I managed to cut off my feet, here are my $14 booties from Ross.
Seriously, why didn’t I tell me to straighten my shirt? This is what a frazzled paralegal really looks like 😛

What are your go-to clothes for absolutely freezing days?

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