Don’t do this at work.

Sometimes we can get too comfortable in a position. For example, someone recently told me she regularly calls her boss an “asshole” – all in good fun of course. Seriously, even though she thinks they are good enough friends to do this, this is the kind of behavior that can cost a legal staffer a job, as well as others discussed in a recent CBS News article, “5 behaviors that can get you fired“.

In a nutshell, you can avoid problems and shine in your new or long term paralegal position by:

  1. Using paid time off (PTO) judiciously. Yes, you need to take care of your health and take much-needed vacations, but abuses are noted by those with the power to hire and fire, especially if you’re never around in key crunch times.
  2. Always being civil and professional, even in the midst of a disagreement. Even if your boss is throwing F-bombs, you shouldn’t.
  3. Being a team player and keeping your eye on the final goal, which is to do good work for the client.
  4. Admitting your mistakes promptly. For example, there are no take-backs in email. If you send one to the wrong addressee by accident, ‘fess up and then fix it.
  5. Speaking up. Share your case and project ideas, and talk about your employer’s services and successes when you’re out and about in the community, personally and online. You’re just as much a part of your firm’s marketing as the attorneys.

Don’t get too comfortable at any job, and never forget you’re an integral part of the legal team and your firm’s success.

Source:  CBS News Money Watch

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