If you think Practical Paralegalism is going to the dogs, you’re right. But I’m not the only legal professional with an unabashed bias for the canines. You should check out North Carolina law student, soon-to-be-lawyer Lee Robertson’s blog, Falling Up. I have a major pup crush on his dog, Barb, a frequent – and fashionable – subject of his posts.

So let’s all stop for just a second, and support and applaud another legal colleague, Florida paralegal Pat Mann, employed at Holland & Knight, and her adorable dog, Twister, the first “All American” breed to qualify and be invited to the 2011 AKC National Obedience Invitational (NOI) in Orlando, Florida. (I hope Pat and AKC Canine Partners News don’t mind me swiping sharing their pic, but I had to. Twister is tots adorbs a/k/a totally adorable, as The Teen says.)

BTW, “All American” is a fancified term for mixed breed, or as we less sophisticated Southerners call it, mutt. According to The Ledger article, the AKC did not permit mutts, er, All Americans, to compete in performance events until 2010.


Anyway, Twister, a Border Collie/Jack Russell mix who had already made history as the first All American to win multiple AKC obedience titles, did great at NOI, winning first place in his division, and finishing 15th out of 146 obedience entries.

Pat, if you’re reading this, congrats! And Practical Paralegalism totally welcomes more pictures of Twister.

Source:  The Ledger

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