If you follow me on Twitter, or Like Practical Paralegalism’s Facebook page, you know I did a Tech Tips luncheon for our firm today. It’s a bi-monthly thing, and I voluntold for it. (Those of you who do committee work know that really is a verb.)

All did not go as planned, which seems to happen in about 75% of my presentations, like I have some unwelcome poltergeist that shorts out all electronic equipment within a three-foot radius of me.

I was being all tech-savvy, planning to demonstrate software and apps on my iPad, iPhone, and PC – the last via my big boss’s laptop. Because part of my Tech Tips agenda is to show my co-workers that we have all sorts of PC programs that do really cool things, like sit up and bark like a dog. (Well, maybe not that last one, but still really cool things.)

Which would have been great had the big boss’s laptop been cooperative. Which it wasn’t, causing me to later publicly whine tweet:

My big boss wasn’t even there for the Tech Tips luncheon he mandated, so when he returned, he chirpily asked how it went. I moaned that it sucked, because his laptop didn’t work.

He said, “Oh, you got the dud.”


You know, that’s exactly what I said.

Turns out the laptop sitting at his regular workstation, PLUGGED IN and everything, was the “dud” waiting for a repair visit from our IT guy, and the “good” laptop was under his desk.

Oh. I didn’t even know he had two laptops, a dud and a good one. (Partly because I don’t have a laptop, being the complete iPad fangirl. I’ve been begging him to buy an iPad, but he’s waiting for iPad3).

I always have to learn everything the hard way.

At least I wasn’t a Tech Jinx. This time.

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