Yesterday, my outfit was entirely thrifted or gifted. You really can get dressed for work for under $50.

I also tried pattern mixing, but I think from these photos I’ve learned that pattern-mixing requires different patterns and colors. The black and white scarf and the black and white sweater didn’t come together, but they sure look like they did.

Also, between the wind and the rain and the cold, there may be no outside pictures for a while. I really admire some of the northern style bloggers who stand out in the snow and get well-lit, artistic pictures, but I’d just stand there and look like a wet cat. Probably.

Gap sweater ($7 thifted!); Scarf (gift); Loft skirt (thrifted – never worn!); Bracelets (Walmart); Earrings (Burlington Coat Outlet); Pumps (Hamricks); Tights (Walmart)
Wow, you may need sunglasses to sort out this sweater and scarf…

Bucky says the sweater looks better sans scarf, and he’s keeping it.

Have you tried pattern-mixing yet?

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