I love Loft, http://www.loft.com/, for classic work wear, but it usually only fits my budget when the entire store is 40-50% off, including the sale and clearance racks. I finally scored those gray slacks I was seeking, on sale big time this weekend. I’m still having problems with most of my clothes being too big. It’s weird to worry about shrinking.

Live props – whatever it takes to make these indoor pics more interesting 🙂 Slacks (Loft on sale); Sweater (Loft on sale); Booties (Ross @$14); Necklace (Zafirenia Handmade Jewelry)
Not only can I not get attorneys to answer my emails, but their dogs ignore me, too 😛

I bought this necklace last year from an Etsy shop, Zafirenia Handmade Jewelry, when I was in my flower jewelry phase. (Which I still am). While she does make very beautiful bridal jewelry, she also makes wonderful vintage necklaces.

A fun take on classic pearls.

While shopping Zafirenia’s site today, I made a little wish list:

Owl Necklace ~ $32
Pearl Necklace ~ $35
Cameo Pendant Necklace ~ $38

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. Just a wish list 🙂

What’s your fave Etsy shop?

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