I suspect all of you know who Bonnie Sweeten is, i.e. pretty much the most infamous former paralegal in America, if not the world, recently sentenced to prison for multiple crimes.

What did she do?

What didn’t she do?

Steal over a million dollars during a five-year period from law firm clients, co-workers, and even an elderly relative’s retirement account?


Lie to her second husband about graduating from law school, and let him throw a party to celebrate?


Pose as an attorney, her boss actually, at a real estate closing?


Submit a false kidnapping report to local police, going so far to say she and her 9-year old daughter were in the trunk of two African Americans’ car, when she was really on a flight to Disney World?


What motivated all this? According to her defense attorney, dependency on migraine medication, and the desire for expensive repeat in-vitro fertilization treatments.

According to prosecutors, plain ol’ desire for a pricey home, cars, and vacations.

Well, I guess she did get sort of a vacation, if you think 100 months in federal prison is getting away from it all.

The irony of her claim that she wanted to be a mom again, is that she won’t be able to mother her children much from federal prison. In addition to the loss of her paralegal career – or any career that requires a background check, her reputation, her freedom, and her spouse, she’s lost most of her children’s childhood.

Was it worth it, Bonnie?

Sources:  Philly.com; CBS News

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