I blog for paralegals and legal professionals to share information they may find helpful for professional development, or simply entertaining during a fast-paced week. Once a week (or less when Life happens – expect less with many projects looming in 2012), I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on law practice and technology, professionalism, career dressing on a budget, legal news, and hopefully, a good laugh or two.

I also share the daily minutia of a paralegal and working mom at Practical Paralegalism’s Facebook Page and via my Twitter Feed, @ExpertParalegal.

Here are this week’s links:


Vicarious Traumatization (The Empowered Paralegal) ~ Some of us have seen a lot during our paralegal careers.

This Just Out: New Legal Technology Products (attorney at work) ~ Just when you think you’ve got a handle on current technology, it upgrades and changes. There are some great blogs to add to your RSS feed reader included in this article.

iPad Apps for Lawyers : iJury for Voir Dire (Court Technology Trial Presentation) ~ Still using Post-Its to keep up during jury selection? Take a look at this alternative!

Protect your Android phone from pickpockets (CBS) ~ If you have confidential client information on your smart phone, then you need to take precautions to protect that data if the phone is lost or stolen. If you haven’t already, look at reputable remote locator software or apps to track your phone and wipe the data.

U.S. Department of Labor has new FLSA and FMLA fact sheets (The Employer Handbook)

How Sitting All Day Is Damaging Your Body and How You Can Counteract It (lifehacker) ~ Stand up once an hour, and engage in moderate activity 30 minutes a day.

‘Thou Shalt Not…’ Visit Any Nightclub in This Town Until You Dress Your Age (Legal Blog Watch) ~ I nominate this gal for What Not to Wear.

Career Style (so my readers who don’t care scan skip ’em for sure 🙂

What Should I Wear to An Interview – Skirt or Pant Suit? (Classy Career Girl) ~  Great advice. Yet another excellent discussion of the Great Pantyhose Debate. I prefer a black pantsuit for interview situations – mostly because I don’t have to think about it, and I’m more comfortable.

My Wardrobe Today – Thursday (Wardrobe Oxygen) ~ Allie’s color-blocking is eye-popping, yet appropriate for conservative offices, and a great way to relieve the winter blahs.

Classic Visibility: The Trench (over 50feeling40) ~ Pam’s classic trench is a keeper.

My Favorite Boots (fashion over fifty) ~ Actually it’s the jacket and skirt that caught my eye for bright office wear, mixed with slacks, a slim skirt, or trouser jeans. But I like the boots, too 🙂

Of Tangerines and Traffic Cones and Shameless Self-Promotion (Fashion for Giants) ~ I love Gracey’s bright skirt, striped jacket, and booties for the office.

Summer Stripes Suited for a Wintry Day (Economy of Style) ~ Take another look at your summer dresses – you might be able to re-mix them during the winter.

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