The terrific style blog Not Dead Yet Style has a neat weekly event called Visible Monday, where style bloggers share an outfit or accessory that makes them “feel more confident, alive and visible that day.” Which I will do, too, as soon as I figure out how.

I think my visible accessory was my red tights on Monday. Almost every single person I ran into mentioned them, and generally favorably, too 😛 (On an unrelated note, it was the worst Monday I’ve had in a while. It’ll require a separate post after I’ve recovered from it…)

If you’re wondering why you’re seeing so much of Bucky this week, my supervising attorney keeps coming into my office and posing him. When he tried placing Bucky’s hand on his hip on Monday, he complained that Bucky was a cheap piece of crap that didn’t work right. I explained that Bucky is actually a moderately pricey, fully-articulated skeleton, and that the reason he wasn’t posing right was because my boss was pretty much dislocating Bucky’s shoulder.

Target scarf (Christmas gift from Teen); Loft skirt (thrifted); Tahari t-shirt (real old); Red tights (part of a $2.99 twofer from Hamricks); Aigner Mary Janes (Ross Dress for Less); Mossimo grey sweater (not seen because I was over-heating again); Magnetic Fashener

If I wasn’t taking my own pictures, I’d know the maker tag on my scarf was showing. On the other hand, Dear Hubby and The Teen don’t tell me these things when they take the outfit pics either.

Oh, earrings from a $5.99 Walmart three-pack. Sometimes I forget I’m there to get groceries.
It’s like Where’s Waldo, except you’re looking for the Fashener 🙂

What’s your favorite outfit or accessory to raise your spirits on Mondays?

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