The Corginator’s not THAT bad…

Okay, just kidding about that last part, but not entirely.

Here’s a few of the funnier Internet search queries that landed readers at Practical Paralegalism:

  • “appropreiate paralegal business attire” (please, please don’t let this be a paralegal)
  • “quail” “quail pics” (because that’s a serious hobby of mine. Not.)
  • “halo kitty” (um, again, please don’t let this be a paralegal. Plus, our cat threw up on my stove once, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t use halo and cat in the same sentence.)
  • “dom perignon” (yes, do send me a bottle) also “don perion” (please don’t let that be a paralegal student)
  • “corgi bad” (how did you know The Corginator thinks that’s her name?)
  • “high end litigators briefcase” (do you know how much those babies cost? Paralegals can’t afford them.)
  • “stacy london legs” (well she does have great legs and great style)
  • “hipaa cartoons” (I am proud of posting one once. Do you know how hard it is to find anything funny about HIPAA?)
  • “how many people work through lunch” (well, I guess I’m kinda an expert at working through lunch)

Also, I discovered I’m popular in the Ukraine, probably where all the spammers live.

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