I’m of an age where I like Steinmart, sort of considered a destination for the older crowd in our neck of the woods. No, you don’t see too many young whippersnappers in there, but if you need a mother-of-the-bride dress, you are guaranteed a hit. I like to wait for the 40-60-80% off the Red Dot clearance rack sales, and then go in for the kill, like for this jacket I’d been watching for a few months. I like buttons and piping.

Cass jacket (Steinmart red dot clearance); Cloud Nine t-shirt (old); Loft skirt (50% off clearance rack); Tights (We Love Colors); Aigner pumps (Ross Dress for Less); Earrings (Jada’s Jewels)

My boss gave Bucky an attitude, and possibly me one, too 😛

I like my men tall and dead. Shoutout to Eric the Northman and Vampire Bill!
Does anyone have any Visine?

So, will you admit to shopping in any store your mom likes?

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