By Helen Parsonage

  1. Time Master ($9.99): This is the perfect app for any attorney who spends a lot of time outside of the office. It has a very simple time-keeping interface that allows you to stop and start timers for projects for different clients. You can also record expenses such as mileage and parking. Settings include the ability to count time in six-minute increments for those who bill in tenths of an hour. Having lost all my billing info when another app crashed, the fact that Time Master allows you to back up your data (I back it up to Dropbox) is a great feature. For an extra in-app purchase, you can sync between iPhone and iPad, which I love.
  2. Trackord (.99): This app allows you to record a trip and will tell you at the end exactly how many miles you went. I then add the mileage to Time Master as an expense. The app appears to be very accurate. It’s very useful if you have a case where you be billing mileage charges.
  3. CardMunch (free): This app allows you to use your smart phone to take a photo of a business card and have it converted for use in your contacts. I’ve tried a number of these that use OCR and they have been very spotty and unreliable. This one uses, apparently, real people to do the conversion, and it is uniformly accurate. There is an added bonus that this app is operated by LinkedIn, so you can automatically connect to people through the app.

Helen is one of my brilliant and tech-savvy supervising attorneys at Elliot Pishko Morgan P.A., She specializes in caring, thoughtful, and thorough representation of individuals struggling against adversity. She represents those hurt on the job and those dealing with insurance adjusters, the Social Security Administration, and the North Carolina Industrial Commission; those trying to navigate the maze created by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services; those facing the frightening prospect of a criminal charge, and those confronting discrimination. She was recently featured in The Xemplar, “Fighting for the Underdog.”

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