Boy, did I have plans to blow Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday Link-Up right out of the water this morning. I was going to wear one of my fave dresses with bright tights.

But then I walked Thing One and Thing Two (the dogs) before breakfast, and realized that I was cold through and through and would probably never be warm again, and what would really be cool is if wearing one-piece fleece pjs with footies to work would suddenly become acceptable.

As I caught sight of myself in the mirror, wearing my trusty, conservative Loft sweater and slacks, I realized I was warm but way boring. I decided that a key accessory was what I needed to save myself from invisibility, and maybe set the world on fire on a Monday morning.

So I added a Vera Wang necklace that called my name from Kohl’s super-clearance-reject rack last summer, marked down to just a few bucks because no one wanted it. But it reminds me of my paternal grandmother’s blingy rhinestone costume jewelry, and it’s her fave color, green. I’ve only worn it once. To a Ke$ha concert for The Teen’s 15th birthday. Which makes it perfect for a law firm, right?

Sweater (Loft clearance); Slacks (Loft clearance); Cami (@$3 at Rugged Wearhouse years ago); Booties (Ross Dress for Less @$14); Vera Wang necklace (Kohl’s reject rack)
Take that, Monday!

I added some glow, ‘tho it pro’bly didn’t need it 😛

Worn rhinestones to the office yet?

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