Honestly, this Target sweater I begged for received for Christmas is my fave article of clothing. Clearly, I need to buy more stuff with grommets.

Also, trying to take outfit pics by yourself in less than five minutes results in missing feet, or part of your head lopped off. Trying not to be too creepy, I went with the missing feet, but trust me, I’m wearing those same grey Impo booties I always wear with these pants. Because law firms are pretty strict about wearing shoes.

Stoopid missing feet. Merona cardigan (Target/gift); Vintage Susie blouse (@$8 Ross Dress for Less); Express Design pants (thrifted); Impo booties (@$14 Ross Dress for Less); Necklace (lia sophia party last year)

I spent a little more on this lia sophia necklace than I normally would on jewelry (pretty much anything over $8), but you know how it is when you go to your friends’ make-up, jewelry, or kitchenware parties. You get caught up in the moment and whip out your check book, and then have some explaining to do when you get home. At least this necklace goes with everything I own, and converts to a shorter necklace as well.

Maybe I could bedazzle another sweater…
There’s lots of cool stuff dangling from the pendent to play with during long meetings.

Have you ever gone to a friend’s jewelry party and bought a piece outside of your normal spending range?

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