If you blog enough, you get hard up for post titles, so I thought I’d use the typo from the email I sent myself with the smart phone pics for this outfit. I’ve been under the weather this week, so these pictures are actually from last week. This outfit reflects my tendency to buy black, black, and more black in separates, a habit I’m trying to break with inspiration from some great style bloggers.

Embellished tank (Sears clearance rack years ago); Shrug (Ross Dress for Less); Banana Republic slacks (thrifted); Bracelets (Walmart); Booties (Ross Dress for Less)
The older I get, the less I like my clothes to actually touch me 😛
You can sneak a little bling into the office.
Walmart, the go-to place for groceries and stretchy bracelets for skinny wrists.

I have a ridiculous number of black skirts. How ’bout you – do you find yourself buying certain separates over and over?

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