I don’t know why I’m startled by retail bathing suit displays in February, but honestly, I am. It’s still freezing outside. I want my toasty tights. But no, they’re almost all gone in retail stores – to make room for itsy-bitsy bikinis. Which I’m kinda old for, so maybe I’m just bitter…

But that’s okay, because there’s the wonderful world of We Love Colorshttp://www.welovecolors.com/, where you can order all kinds of tights in any color that trips your trigger or livens up your wardrobe. I found colors I hadn’t seen in any local stores, and was able to break my black tights only habit.

All these amazing colors to choose from! Buh-bye, black!

This is not a sponsored post, I did not receive any complimentary tights to review, but about a month ago, I ordered five different colors that I could not locate in area stores, and have been happy, happy, happy with my newly colorful legs, especially the red ones 🙂

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