This week I’ll be pulling some articles of clothing out of my tiny closet that I’m not sure if I should keep or donate, like this shawl sweater that is short in the back, but almost a knee length blankie in front. Every time I wear it,  I feel swallowed whole by it. My female supervising attorney suggested that maybe the front ends needed to be tied instead of left hanging, which was a bit of a challenge with the belt attached to the sweater. But I tied it and liked it.

As for the tights, not a single person I met today didn’t mention them…good? bad? I dunno, but definitely visible for Not Yet Dead Style’s Visible Monday.

Cardigan (old Marshall’s); Loft skirt (thrifted); Apostrophe tank (old Sears); Rialto shooties (very inexpensive Ross); Multi-chain necklace (super inexpensive Burlington Coat Outlet); Ring (Jada’s Jewels); Tights (We Love Colors)

My boss helpfully pointed out that I matched my dual monitor screens, always a fashion plus.

Is there such a thing as a paralegal smurf?

The original galoshes (Target) I wore in – we had a dab o’ snow!
I love, love, love this cocktail ring from Jada’s Jewels. It made me happy to look at it even when I was typing boring stuff.

My morning email with Jada’s Jewel’s specials of the day makes my day. Want to sign up to receive your own email? Follow this link.

Have you got stuff in your closet that’s in the undecided category – hard to wear but hard to part with?

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