Ah, I love th’ Craigslist. This ad for a paralegal intern in Santa Clara, California describes the unpaid internship offered as follows:

A way to understand this internship is through an analogy of creating a fire in a fireplace with the intent of warming a room. Before you can sit back and enjoy the fire, you will first have to go out and locate the wood, chop the wood, carry it into the house, put it in the fireplace, light the fire and nurse the fire until it creates warmth. This internship will give you the skills needed to locate, chop, and carry in the wood, put it in the fireplace, and light the fire. 

I like the part where anyone with “an entitlement mentality” need not apply. 

Internships are required to graduate by some paralegal programs, and can be a good way to get some much needed work experience prior to graduation. But potential interns need to be careful of being taken advantage of by employers who also may be raising employment and labor law issues by not paying interns for extended and extensive periods of work.

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