This $9 sweater dress, scored off a red dot clearance rack at Steinmart, seemed like the perfect solution for a chilly day. Plus, it’s soft and feels like pjs. I should have been snug as a bug in a rug, but still found myself shivering in my office, struggling to concentrate. It must have been genuinely freezing, because even my eternally hot co-worker let me jack up the heat.

Workshop sweater dress (clearance Steinmart); Candies Mary Janes (Kohl’s clearance years ago); Tights (can’t recall but gray is a fave color); Necklace/earring set (thrift store)

You may notice that I rarely wear jewelry sets together, believing that one statement piece is enough to make a statement, especially when you’re a short, skinny person. I had to add an extra chain to make this pendant long enough for the cowl neck sweater. I figured the matching earrings were far enough away not to over-state my accessories.

I have to admit I was super-comfortable all day long, even if the air was chilly.

Adding an extra chain to lengthen necklaces is a trick I learned from reading style blogs.

I love a simple pendant.

We’ve been watching a lot of British TV lately, which inspired the hairstyle. I hope I don’t look like I’m in the third grade…

What’s your favorite outfit to stay warm on chilly days at work?

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