“Simply put, paralegals handle all the grunt work of lawyers…” ~ Excerpt from “Best Jobs 2012: Paralegal” (U.S. News & World Report)

At least this reporter didn’t over-glamorize the profession when trying to describe what a paralegal job is like, but maybe he put it a little too simply. That “grunt work” can be quite complex and intellectually-challenging, depending on the attorneys you work for, your specialty areas, and your level of paralegal experience.

But maybe the Bureau of Labor Statistics will have to amend its projected employment growth of 18.3 percent for the paralegal profession, if law firms take attorney Lee Rosen’s recent business advice and consider hiring associates instead of paralegals? (Whoa, paralegal readers, don’t comment here – comment at Rosen’s post! Some of you’ve asked if I’d seen it, and yes, I have!)

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