When an attorney has his or her license to practice law indefinitely suspended for multiple acts of misconduct, it usually means those acts were pretty bad. Minor missteps are often handled with a reprimand from the Bar, a temporary suspension with a definite time limit, and/or some sort of required participation in counseling or trust account management programs.

Because of the sensitive and confidential nature of legal work, and the easy access to other people’s money, I’ve never thought anyone with a history of legal or criminal misconduct would be a good candidate for employment by law firms, especially if they’re going to be anywhere near the employer’s business and trust accounts.

But, eh, maybe that’s just me.

But maybe it’s now also a Mansfield, Ohio law firm that employed a suspended lawyer as a paralegal, one who later entered no-contest pleas to felony charges of theft and forgery for helping himself to more than $10,500 from the firm’s trust account. Perhaps the previous indefinite suspension of his law license for failure to properly represent 15 clients and then failing to cooperate with disciplinary authorities should have been a clue that he’d be a less than ideal paralegal.

The Mansfield News Journal reports that the suspended attorney turned thieving paralegal was permanently disbarred today by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Yep, another example of why suspended and disbarred attorneys generally don’t need to work in law offices as legal staffers with access to sensitive client information and large amounts of other people’s money.

Source:  The Mansfield News Journal

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