For readers new to Practical Paralegalism, I’m re-printing and sharing posts from Easter Past. One includes my personal assistant, Phoebe The Corginator, and the other includes my last entry in the ABA Journal’s annual Peeps in Law contest, which I’ve missed the last two years.

2010: Is It Accurate to Say I’ve Been Published by the ABA Journal on My Resume?


Many people treasure their Easter holiday traditions, dying eggs, decorating baskets, and preparing a special feast.

But what do you do if you’re not a particularly talented cook?

You run around to area toy stores trying to find a cheap blonde doll to behead for your entry in the ABA Journal’s second annual Peeps in Law event.

It turns out that I didn’t have to behead an innocent doll (although I’d had a rough day at work and I can see where it might have been cathartic.) I think I should get bonus points for including a rubber Welsh Corgi in the picture.

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2009: Can I get a paralegal over here to open these eggs?

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