One of the biggest complaints I hear from legal support staffers is about activity that occurs while they are not at their desks, i.e. the dread piles of paper keft in their chairs or surreptitiously slipped among ongoing projects.

By “surreptitiously” I mean in the dead of night, and usually not in that box clearly marked “IN” on an organized paralegal’s desk.

Plus, our team is supposed to be mostly paperless, so I complain even more when people leave actual paper on my desk, especially “mystery paper” which amounts to “What the hell do I do with this?”

So I was really prepared to complain, via Twitter and this blog, when I found this on my desk this morning. (BTW, that stapler does not have staples in it, and the only time I use the hole punch is for an archaic federal government office that still insists on colored paper.)

Yeah, it’s an empty paper towel roll. I understand it could have been worse, i.e. an empty toilet paper roll…
This is what an OCD paralegal looks like – all day – when left with an empty paper towel roll.

Soooooo, that’s my mystery paper left on my desk in the dead of the night story. I do understand why legal support staffers – and anyone else with a clearly marked inbox – complain about these situations.

Mess with my mind much, attorneys peeps?

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